How To Use This Program

It’s important to understand that though this program features many different assessments, pieces of equipment and training regulators, these are not all necessities for completion of the program. 

The basic necessary equipment to compete this program is listed below:

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This list features the basic equipment you need access to, to complete this program. You will see many assessments and training equipment modalities throughout this program and though we recommend the use of all of the listed equipment, we recognize some of these items may not be available, so you simply do the best with what you have available.

Although, if you are an elite fighter trying to take your game to the next level and your finances permit, it would be advised to invest in some of the listed equipment especially for performing assessments, cognitive conditioning, recovery and evaluating readiness.

The list of the items we use for these components will be listed in the glossary of your program.  Once you ensure you have the basic equipment required to complete this program there are a few printable sheets we recommend printing out to start your program.

One of these is the assessment results chart, (the assessments aren’t mandatory for completing this program but they are highly recommended) this is where you will record all of your assessment results to reference throughout your program and compare to if you choose to reassess.

(insert assessment results chart)

The next one you will want to have handy is the normative range charts (if you perform the assessments), these will help you see how you stack up versus the competition and see where you may need some extra work.

(link to normative ranges)

Another print out you will want to keep with you everyday is the HRV, RSI, Self Assessment Trend Tracker Chart. This chart is very vital, even if the only readiness assessment youre able to perform each day is the self assessment, it is vital to start trending your “readiness state” over time. Using this chart you will start to see trends in your readiness as it relates to your training intensity, recovery, nutrition etc. and this will help you make more optimal training decisions in the future. This readiness trend tracker is the first step to “evolving” your training and performance.  

(insert readiness trend tracker)

One of the final segments we recommend printing out and getting familiar with is the Warm Up/Agility page. A warm up and agility segment is performed prior to each session. The movements in these segments never change but remembering which exercises to perform and in which order can be challenging to recall when you first start your program. We recommend keeping a print off of this page with you for each workout so you can start to get the routine and progression of movements engrained into your memory.

(insert Warm Up/Agility page)

And lastly you will want to have at hand at all times your RMC program. This is the program that outlines your personal corrective exercise program. This program is the most utilized portion of this program and eventually you will have the flow of exercises down but at first it will take some referencing so having a print off version of your RMC program handy will help you transition from movement to movement without as much hassle.

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“Reference to supplement timing sheet”
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