I have been training with Neuro Force 1 for my last 3 fight camps and we have accomplished feats that only few have been able to before in the history of the UFC.
I have been training with NeuroForce1 the last two years . I’m feeling much stronger much faster, my brain works Faster , I’m much more confident , this Combat Evolved program is the real deal, I ready to give show September 7th Abu Dhabi in UFC 242 !
Since working with NeuroForce I’ve made major improvements both physically and mentally. These guys are both the best at what they do, and incredible people! I look forward to every single training session, which is rare as an athlete. Grateful to work with such an awesome company, and one I can trust.
Thank you NeuroForce1. I made weight easier for my last fight than ever before. I'm in the best shape of my life.
Thank you NeuroForce1 for supporting and helping me get in the best physical condition and helping with the pain. I appreciate all that you’ve done, God Bless!
I was extremely pleased and proud to be working with the crew at NF1! They were very scientific with the approach to training the body and explained the entire process to me along the way.
I’ve never felt more explosive, my endurance is at an all time high, and my timing along with my ability to react have never been more precise.
Since working with NeuroForce1 I've seen drastic improvements in my strength and speed/agility, but mostly in my recovery and every day health.
Huge shout out to NeuroForce1 for helping me get in the best shape of my life